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This is one for the boffins, the brainy people, the clever clogs with the smarty-pant ideas. Dandelion is about helping simplify the complexity of your brilliant technical solutions and presenting them in a way that everybody but everybody understands. Your genius, yes your genius, is appreciated by all and commercial success is just that little bit closer.  Whether you’re a software up-start, a technology titan or an entrepreneur looking to make life easier for your audience. This integrated creative service is just what you need.

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Your Brand Squared

'Your Brand Squared'

Geometric growth through effective brand-building, ‘Your Brand Squared’ is the loft’s very own growth framework to help you achieve rapid growth with your brand in a short-space of time. The absolute opposite of long consulting exercises (and in-line with our motto of ‘ACTION!’) Your Brand Squared is a 7-step process to help you achieve your commercial goals. Instead of a report, you get a map and some strong action steps that you can use straight away.

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