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Obesity Action Scotland are an organisation, led by health professionals, who promote healthier lifestyles in Scotland. They were looking for creative ways to warn of the wider dangers of obesity to individuals and wanted to lobby The Scottish Government with their work. They asked for a campaign to help promote their message including an infographic. After winning a competitive pitch (with the Organg concept,) the loft were delighted to help.


Health Infographic

We wanted to avoid negative, critical or even scarier communications so created the Organg. We learned that one of the largest problems with ‘obesity’ was the never-ending pressure that it puts on our organs – liver, gut, even our brain, eyes, etc. So we created a character set of overworked organs. ‘The Organg’ was born.


We took some of the most over-worked parts of the body and gave each of them personas including with their own names. For campaign materials, we wanted to really bring ‘The Organg’ health message to life in the most imaginative way possible so encapsulated them as a series of Top Trump cards describing their current status, risk of disease and health risk.


Hamish Heart, Bonnie Brain, Gary Gut, etc were joined by sinister characters such as Devlin Diabetes and Coswall Cancer. The examples above showcase the ‘Top Trumps’ inspired designs.


Health Infographic CharactersDifferent variations and poses were created for each character showcasing the variations in their feelings from stressed, over-worked, under-pressure, miserable, etc to happy, at-ease, radiating health, etc. We showed some of the characters with excess fat on various organs such as the heart, liver, etc. Messages such as ‘Protect Your Organg,’ ‘Think About Your Organg,’ etc were used throughout the creation of the campaign including with the health infographic, etc.



“Obesity Action Scotland worked with the loft to develop a series of graphics aimed to deliver health messages. The whole process from presenting wide range of ideas to choose from, to narrowing down the concepts, to fine tuning the final product, was easy and enjoyable. the team was very professional, approachable and easy going with plenty of initiative. Working with the loft team was a pleasure, thank you!”

Dr Anna Strachan, Policy Officer of Obesity Action Scotland