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Outstanding engineering needs the best marketing.

The science you’ve used to create products must now be replicated in marketing those products – marketing, branding, design, digital, social media, etc. Which ones to choose? How to prioritise? Where to start?

At The Loft, alongside our partners, The Company Creators, we have created a specialist offering for engineering and manufacturing companies large and small to help you build your brand, market your products and increase your sales.

Our process consists of three areas…

A Plan for Scaled Growth

Before beginning on your scaled growth journey, you must know what you are looking to achieve. Primary growth strategies involve the release of new products in existing markets or existing products in new markets. Further growth can be fuelled by higher profits on existing lines or through greater marketing efficiency.

Before committing to scaled growth, you must know which way you wish to grow your company. 
Informed selection of markets and products gives a company the best chance of growth. Getting a clearer picture on what you’ve got and where you want to go is the first part of the science of creative marketing for engineering companies.

Creative Marketing

Knowing who your customer is, what they want, who’s standing in your way and how you compare are all elements of a marketing plan that will help you to gain more sales, more quickly. 

Organised planning of these factors will help you reach and engage with present and potential customers more easily – and most importantly, help you understand your competitive advantage.

Creative Brand Building

Once you know your markets, your customer and yourself; it is time to build a brand that shouts your message from the rooftops.  

Creative brand building encapsulates a range of tactics that collectively help you get your message out to your customers. Everything from your LinkedIn profile to quality photography on your website can be used to tell a vivid story of the great company you have and the great products you offer. Creative brand building helps to form a bond between your customer and you. It helps to get you noticed, makes you distinctive and inspires trust for a fruitful relationship.

If you are in engineering/manufacturing and looking to revitalise your brand, build your presence or just get a little help with your strategy then contact us to find out more.

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