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The loft were delighted to be given the opportunity to create a highly evocative, transformational and imaginative product packaging brand for Drink Baotic. Drink Baotic is a special company led by two very special entrepreneurs – Paul and Isatou. Their first product is a unique, refreshing and healthy pre-biotic drink which is both dairy-free and gluten-free. Significantly, its taste is based on the unique baobab super fruit, which is sourced in The Gambia, (Isatou’s home country) where both Paul and Isatou work with local communities to harvest and export the baobab fruit. Drink Baotic has 4 flavours – Original, Strawberry, Banana and Orange. This is the story of the packaging design and branding.

Product Packaging Design for Drink Baotic

The final collection of Drink Baotic packaging designs neatly combine the creation of a new high-impact drinks brand, some exceptionally well-resolved packaging design and a modern take on African/Gambian graphical themes.


Paul and Isatou, the founders of Drink Baotic with their new packaging designs and the rare Baobab Super-fruit.


They have been on quite an incredible journey since the brand was launched, Drink Baotic clearly has some notable fans – Sir Richard Branson, (Founder of The Virgin Group) and Richard Reed, (Founder of Innocent.)


A range of images showcasing the final packaging design as a 100ml pack-drink with reusable cap.


The design of the new identity combined the words ‘Baotic’ as a series of painted marks with the main mark being the idea of an African mother touching her son’s head in the ‘t’ and ‘i’ of the word Baotic. Absolutely beautiful.


One of the first serious sketches for the project showed a remarkably successful interpretation of the modern African theme with the fun scribbles being used with bold colours underpinning and eventually sitting alongside the incredibly evocative logo.


Such strong graphics were re-interpreted for the different flavours as seen above.


Alongside the key 250ml packaging designs, there would be a range of other items required – the designs above show an outer-shell for a six drink-pack of Baotic with smaller ‘more prebiotic style’ drinks enclosed.


We created rapid mock-ups and benchmarked these against competing drink rivals.


The project came together initially with the creation of our own custom ‘Baotic’ pattern with scribings communicating lots of different elements of the drink experience – strawberries, oranges, bananas, the obvious  boabab fruit, happy people, etc. (It was remarkable how quickly it all came together.)


Although everybody loved the first main concept direction, other designs directions were explored in great detail.


We wanted to celebrate the African roots of the drink but it in an authentic and modern way. We started by doing vast amounts of research into textiles, fine art and various pieces of African culture – there was a specific focus on Isatou’s home country ‘The Gambia.’


Considerable amounts of research went into more modern interpretations of African expression.


Other successful interpretations of the African theme with other food and drink packaging solutions were looked at as part of a wide-ranging research phase.


This includes exploration into graphical patterns, abstract illustrations and even examples of fine art.


Baobab fruit comes the ‘Tree of Life’ and is the main ingredient for ‘Drink Baotic.’ Finding unique ways to express this rich and wonderful culture was one of the most important considerations in creating the new brand and packaging designs.


A product which truly brings the magic of The Gambia and the stunning, rare Baobab tree to life.


Product Packaging Design for Drink Baotic

The final collection of Drink Baotic packaging design solutions.

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