At the heart of every great brand is a great story.

If you are a CEO, MD, Marketing Director, Business Development Director or anybody that has to tell others what your company is about, we’re sure that you will admit that it’s easier when you have a great story to tell. Sometimes one is enough, sometimes it helps to have many more.

Every great company has an abundance of stories, some manufactured for effect, others authentic to the cause. Stories are the lifeblood of any business – staff will share stories, customers will tell other customers about stories, your social media profile is a series of stories. Stories can be supported with images or videos but the essence of the meaning remains the same.

How good are the stories that represent your brand? We’re talking about the story behind the brand, the story about how the company was established, the story staff share on their LinkedIn profiles, the story you tell potential customers about how good you’re products or services are, the stories you share to underpin trust.

At The Loft, we take the essence of your brand and then build multiple stories that support that big idea you are trying to share. What we find is that most great stories are found, not made, but sometimes we indulge ourselves and look for lovely analogies that might be a bit more interesting. We structure and shape stories and then design them to be shared.

Storytelling is a big part of any great brand. Contact us if you would like to find out how they can help you grease the wheels in your communications to build a better brand.