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Brand, design, PR, marketing, social media, advertising, online, offline? Sometimes the number of choices of ways to market your business is bewildering. What do you do? Where do you start? How do you know what works?

Your Brand2 is a fast-paced, educational and productive seminar that helps business owners and executives multiply the effectiveness of their brand and marketing presences. We will help you put some of those questions into context by focussing on people and not processes; by making your brand serve your needs and not the other way round.


In the space of three and a half hours, we shall take you through our process.

1. Defining your COMMERCIAL GOAL
2. Un-peeling the BIG IDEAS at the heart of your brand
3. Deciding which PEOPLE to target
4. Selecting CHANNELS to reach them
5. Brainstorming LITTLE IDEAS to help you get going
6. MEASURING activities
7. Getting ready for ACTION


By working through the materials with us, you will come away with your own map, a range of different courses and a series of small actions that you can get started with straight away.

More importantly, you will have a clearer view in your own mind of where you are going and how to get the best out of this incredibly important part of your business.

We look forward to welcoming you.

The Loft Team.


“Your Brand2 is a wonderful tool that will help you explore your brand and give you an insight like never before. We have worked extensively over the last 12 months to redevelop our brand and how we communicate our value proposition to the world, when we were first approached by Benedetto and his team at The Loft to run a Your Brand2 session. I saw it as an opportunity to review how far we had come. However the session provided much, much more! Refining our proposition, honing our activities, and further focusing the company was all achieved in a single session. We left with actionable outcomes and practical advice about how to effectively develop our brand and our relationship with our customers. I am very excited about what our new relationship with The Loft will bring and how it will help ‘Dynamically Loaded’ develop going forward.”

Dr Scott Sherwood, Chief Executive of Dynamically Loaded

“It is good to literally ‘take a step back’ from your business and to examine how you engage with your market. At Young Enterprise Scotland we welcomed the chance to do this in an open and supportive way with The Loft. It was great to come away with new ideas to develop as well as taking the time to evaluate what we already do – a highly worthwhile exercise!”

Geoff Leask, Chief Executive of Young Enterprise Scotland


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