‘Everything begins with the power of an idea’.

All brands begin with a big idea – call it your USP, competitive advantage, point of differentiation or even just a reason to believe. Every company needs a big idea to underpin all of their communications. Trying to create a brand with no big idea is like trying to build a house with no foundations. It is essential in getting the right perception across to new customers, existing customers, staff, suppliers and even your board. When you know your big idea, you know where you stand, how you compete, what you should or shouldn’t do. For staff, it provides context to the results you ask them to achieve; it enables them go past understanding what a company does/sells and more into the way they do it. They are empowered to act independently. For you, the employer, you are able to bring people in that are more culturally aligned with your business.

At The Loft, we find your big idea by looking for a unique angle into what you do, how you do it and why you exist. We look for ways to differentiate you in at least one of these areas. For companies that have innovative or new-to-market products or services. We understand that, for a little while at least, your product or service is going to define your brand and we use that as your big idea. For those organisations that compete in more congested and traditional market segments – we must look more closely at the intangibles – how you deliver your product or service and really why you exist. In these cases, the human side is so important. We create big ideas by getting to know everybody in an organisation and looking for patterns to build on. We look to create big ideas that are suitably complex that it really defines you, but are devastatingly simple that everybody gets it.

Every brand, big or small, needs a big idea at the heart of their organisations, contact us to find out more.