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Bringing people together, uniting behind a common purpose, celebrating all that is great about an organisation. The creation of a new brand is an incredibly powerful exercise for any company so we were delighted to be given the opportunity to work with the tremendous Atlas Hotels for the creation of their new identity.

Formerly, known as Somerston Hotels, Atlas Hotels are renown in the UK hotel business for having fantastic teams who provide tremendous guest experiencse. The relationship between the organisation and their staff is one of the things the company is most proud-off and something they wanted to build on with the new identity.

To create the new brand, we worked extremely closely with the Atlas team, we wanted to create something that everybody in the organisation could have some ownership off. A range of ideas were explored with the principal concept of a brand that celebrates the coming together of a strong team working together being the main inspiration.

This idea was captured with the imaginative design of a shoal of fish moving in a common direction, we used a variety of colours to signify the many different personalities of the Atlas staff and the final brand identity design was completed with the words ‘Atlas Hotels’ neatly circling the shoal of fish graphic.

The final brand was launched to much critical acclaim, most importantly it was universally liked by both staff and management as they officially launched it. A tremendous success for everybody.

The new identity has formed the starting point for many different brand communications and we continue to work with Atlas Hotels.



“From our very first discussions, Benedetto and his team really understood what we wanted to achieve and approached the project with creativity, enthusiasm and professionalism. Despite a tight deadline, they delivered a first rate corporate identity which has been whole-heartedly embraced by our organisation and which represents our corporate culture.”

Lesley-Ann Cardow, Group Marketing Manager of Atlas Hotels


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