Why stay on the sidelines when you can get in front of your customers every single day on their Apple or Android devices. The time to get really intimate with your customers is now. Applications offer a tremendous opportunity to put your brand front and centre; in the customer’s eyes, every time they swipe left or right on their devices.

There are opportunities to share new content quicker, to push notifications/deals and incentives to those lucky enough and to build a more engaged customer or staff member using the applications on your phones or tablet devices.

At The Loft, we create applications for both internal and external purposes. We create apps that help you to make content readily available to your audience. We create apps that you can use as online storage portals and we create apps that work and look fantastic.

We can create small, simple apps that help to share important information or large, complex apps that synch with multiple devices, location services and social media channels. Between ourselves and our digital partners, we can help you out. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like us to have a look at something for you.