A Creative Partnership

Altia-ABM, A Creative Partnership

Throughout the best part of a decade, the loft has worked incredibly closely with an organisation called Altia-ABM, formerly know as Altia Solutions, Altia-ABM is a fast-growing global software group which develops innovative investigation management software to facilitate criminal investigations and manage covert operations.

The loft has helped support an exceptional organisation with an incredibly capable management team and strong product/service by working across the entire group on a wide range of brand, marketing and creative services.

Throughout these previous years, we’ve played a small part in helping them to significantly increase annual turnover, overall profitability and build a strong and recognisable brand within the sector they operate.

This is the story of Altia-ABM, A Creative Partnership…




With a new management team in place in early 2014, one of the first projects the loft was given was the design of a new brand-identity for Altia Solutions. The design was to be new but build on the well loved and existing ‘wee-man.’ First conceived when the company was set-up all the way back in 2004.  




However, the most significant creative work (and a project that came before the company re-brand) was the design of a new series of product sub-brands. Designs that would underpin most of the brand and marketing communications over the next 18 months. The new designs were to be bold, eye-catching and extendable with further software products likely to come on-board.




It was incredibly important that marketing and sales communications win over multiple stakeholders – particularly important for this software and technology company whose customers were predominantly in the public sector. The loft provided a wide range of campaign support to the Altia sales and marketing teams, particularly in the earlier days.  In this case, special postcards showcasing the tangible benefits of the software were mailed to users, project managers and procurement personnel, etc. 




The new sub-brand icons were part of a much wider, more customer-centric focus to the company’s marketing. (Updated trade-show stands above.)




Characters Al and Tia (as seen above) were introduced as part of an ever increasing marketing push to increase awareness of the company, the brand and their software. The ‘story-books’ above were also sent to existing and new clients – once again strongly showcasing the user-centred and customer-centric approach of  the organisation. 




Some exceptionally intelligent, well-designed and easily-understandable graphics had been created and we all wanted to make sure that they were being used to maximum effect. Printed product brochures were still an effective tool in reaching customers and therefore produced to give to new and existing customers. 




They also featured on a significantly updated website, which was firmly brought up-to date using the new brand style.




Throughout this period, lots of various brand and marketing messages were sampled. ‘Humanising Data’ was one such message.






Collaboration was such a crucial part of this creative partnership. Some sample designs on one of the loft’s i-mac computers that were explored throughout the project re-brand shown as the top image. Benedetto, founder of the loft, sketching the Altia re-brand on the left and Ian Watson, who was CEO of Altia Solutions/Altia-ABM throughout this entire collaboration on the right.




New creative solutions were regularly explored and found to make sure marketing work was consistently fresh. Here the sub-brands have been exploded for even more impact…




A new series of impactful infographics – once again mixing an interesting aesthetic whilst showcasing the exceptional  user-benefits, features and functionality of the software.




Almost all our work for Altia Solutions was re-purposed for digital use, particularly as digital became more important. These user-focussed infographics, in particular, being given to the sales team to demo to new and existing customers on their I-Pads. 




Bespoke graphics were even created for all of the software features. These would form part of a significant and new ‘customer-retention’ project.




Customer-Friendly Mail-Shots. Research found that many users only exploring a small part of the software’s features and therefore potential. Altia wanted to help customers to use more of what they were paying for – so short, educational e-mail shots were sent giving users the opportunity to learn a little bit more about their software packages and how to ‘unleash the power of Altia.’ A light-touch, fast and ‘non-salesy’ communication which was tremendously effective in building customer education, awareness and trust. 




Vibrant brands and communications were created for each part of the Altia offering -including the ‘Altia Learning’ training services.  




One of the real highlights of our creative partnership was the loft team using quick hand drawn sketches to present new ideas. This was particularly effective when time was tight. 





Some incredibly kind words from Paul Miller, Altia’s Sales Manger throughout this period.




In 2015, Altia Solutions founded  a new law-enforcement series called ‘The Serious & Organised Crime Exchange’ (SOCEX.) It was the largest law-enforcement event in the UK and possibly the world at that time with the first event being attended by the Rt Hon Theresa May MP, the UK’s Home Secretary. The loft played a large part in the creation of the new brand and all brand communications for the event. 




Over the next 4 and a half years, the loft played an instrumental part in the event’s brand and communications – creating 7 conference brochures as the event scaled into one of the worlds top law-enforcement conferences. 




The loft also helped Altia make the most of the event – in this case – creating a bespoke newspaper, ‘The Altia Times.’ A must-read for those in law-enforcement visiting the conference over the two-day event. 








In 2016, Glasgow-based Altia Solutions acquired Nottingham-based Covert Systems and Software Provider ABM Intelligence. The loft were given responsibility for ensuring that all brand communications were consistent for both companies – and were quickly asked to create a new brand for ABM Intelligence based on the visual style of Altia Solutions.




The forming of values, vision and mission statements for both companies was an important exercise. In both cases, the loft team spoke to everybody in each company and created values that were fitting for each organisation as well as corresponding, complimentary and practical behaviours. The creation of these values for ABM Intelligence was particularly useful, helping them to win large-scale international tenders.




A larger collection of new product brands were created that were consistent for both companies – for the first time – the loft was able to create a consistent visual language with both company brands. Something that wasn’t possible back in 2014 due to the timing of the various exercises. The new product sub-brands (2016.)




All communications were updated in-line with the new brand style. 




ABM Intelligence’s Pegasus product would soon receive a little creative loft attention with maximum time and effort taken to win hearts and minds. 




The loft team thoroughly enjoyed collaborating with the entire ABM Intelligence team. 




Both companies were eventually merged to create a new group, which was now truly international, Altia-ABM’s group-branding is shown above. 




In mid-2017, Altia-ABM re-branded their organisation with another creative provider. However, the loft were delighted to continue its creative partnership shortly afterwards – working with the company, helping to build the new brand and in particular continuing its work on SOCEX.




The loft continues to keep up a close-relationship and works with Altia-ABM to this date (The 2019 SOCEX brochure artwork above.)




Ian Watson, has since moved onto a Non-Exec role at Altia-ABM  but continues to enjoy a close professional relationship with the loft’s founder Benedetto. 




Some stats summarising the incredible success of Altia-ABM throughout this period, due in no small part to a wonderful product, exceptional company (and we sincerely hope) a little bit by the work of our creative partnership.

Drop us a line, if you’d like to find out more about our collaboration with Altia-ABM or if there is a way that we can support your organisation in a similar way.

Thanks for reading, the loft team.