A Full Service Creative Agency

As a full service creative agency, the loft is delighted to offer the full range of branding and design services.

 At the loft, we love working with organisations and leaders with big ideas for the future – those who provide broad, complex and intricate creative challenges on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. We love to try new things, work with different people and conquer tight deadlines. One-stop-shop, full-service creative agency, multi-disciplinary design, whatever the terminology, our studio is built to serve rapidly growing organisations that take their brand seriously and are conscious about all of their communications.

At the loft, we are more than happy to work on multiple projects covering everything in the design, brand and creative spaces.. We’re delighted to be the single point of contact and take care of everything and all things creative – updating websites with new content, taking care of brochure print runs, measuring social campaigns, crafting internal communications, etc. Believe it or not, we enjoy working for those who want results yesterday and are impatient for improvement. Finally, We’re thrilled to be able to do so many different things for so many wonderful people in lots and lots of different ways – to deliver time and time again – and we have done so for many years too.

We’re an agency that covers all of the obvious stuff – graphic design, web design, branding, campaigns, etc and we do these very well. But also more interesting – we seamlessly combine services and maximise value – beautiful illustrations being used both on social media as well as the company website, art-directed photographs which are equally at home in a company brochure as they are in an e-newsletter, beautifully written copy which goes beyond the press-release and can be turned into a campaign for social media, etc, etc.

What’s more, we have some obscure services too – ‘Brand DNA’ where we help organisations un-cover their values. ‘Accelerate’ where we take real responsibility ourselves for driving forward your brand & marketing activities. And finally, ‘Brand Love’ which is about creating real and lasting enthusiasm for you and your brand with all your stakeholders – customers, staff, suppliers, even shareholders.

If you are looking to grow your company, expand your presence and are looking for a full service creative agency,
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