Digital Tour-De-Force

Unleashing The Potential of ‘Online.’

New Sector Opportunities, Improved Client Retention, Higher Average Sale Values and More…

Percepta are a world leading customer loyalty company. The organisation is renown in automotive circles for helping brands such as Ford Motor Company, Jaguar Land Rover and Volkswagen Group (amongst others) deliver better customer/employee/dealership experiences. With over 4400 experts working in over 56 countries, they were an organisation with the potential to do substantially more with digital.





THE LOFT team were absolutely thrilled to be given the opportunity to help and eventually collaborated closely with the Percepta over a number of years on many different projects. Working together we…

– Built a completely new website which was dramatically improved in terms of aesthetics, usability and functionality. The site was designed to work exceptionally well on all devices and had features such as case-study PDF downloads and a language translation service amongst other features.

– Showcased the organisation’s high-value offerings by re-categorising service lines and introducing highly tailored composite services.

– Better communicated the value of the organisation’s philosophy and method with a range of intelligent graphics (including with motion.)

– Introduced new and existing clients to the full repertoire of the excellent work of Percepta by building an extensive digital case-study library.

– Created stronger, more potent communications by updating the organisation’s written copy at all levels.

New sector opportunities outside traditional automotive circles.

Improved retention with existing automotive clients.

Larger average sale values with a greater number of high-value transactions.

Improved negotiating power with existing service offerings.

Stronger sales with increased ‘new client’ and ‘existing client’ enquiries.

Greater satisfaction within the organisation.

Services Used
Audit | Strategy | Creative Direction | Website Design | Motion | Copywriting | Campaign Support | Video

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