The new must-have!

Facebook and Twitter show more videos than ever before! Videos sit atop the Google Search pages every day. Dedicated video site Youtube remains the worlds second largest search-engine and even Instagram showcases Video now with ‘Instagram Stories’.

Whether it is your social presence or something more practical like a Powerpoint, Slide-Deck or Trade-Show Presentation — informative and evocative videos have a huge role to play. Whether it is traditional film or more specialised motion graphics – they both help to add yet another dimension to the story you tell customers.

At the loft, we see video as playing a big part of any plan to build a stronger brand. Whether it’s getting the message out to new customers on social, explaining things to existing customers on your website, or building awareness with E-Newsletters – video is a great tool.

We create videos by working out what you want to say and who you want to say it too. We storyboard the entire process. We then bring your video to life using images, words, graphics, animations, effects, and sound for a truly multi-sensory experience. Finally, we put your videos in places that people can find them.

If you would like to learn out more about how video can be used to bring your brand to life. Contact us for more details.




We also have some micro-examples of the video above which are perfect for social-sharing.