Brand Builders Guide To: Edinburgh


Turing Fest
Edinburgh International Conference Centre
2nd – 3rd Aug

One for the digital community. While all the art events are kicking off over Edinburgh, this festival focuses on technology and hosts a diverse line up of 50 speakers from companies like Google, Skyscanner and Moz. Covering a whole variety of disciplines, the Turing Fest combines 4 conferences in 1. It is two days filled with insight and inspiration where you can meet like-minded peers in a relaxed, informal setting.

This year they are expecting at least 1,000 delegates to attend so we’d get in there quick, get your ticket here.



Social Media for Beginners
Fringe Central — Edinburgh Festival Fringe Scotland
6th Aug

Learn all you need to know about social media and how to make it work best for you with this hour long workshop. This workshop will teach you how to go about promoting on social media, what the do’s and don’t are and which social channels are best for your business and how they work.

If you’re wanting to join the social media revolution, you can find out more here.


One-On-One Surgeries for Creative Artists
Fringe Central — ChrisGrady.Org
17 – 18th Aug

Looking to take the next step in your creative journey? Book in for a surgery with producer and coach, Chris Grady. Each session lasts 50 minutes and is on a one-to-one basis. You will explore where you are in your career/journey/project and where you would like to be. Grady will help you deal with challenges, set goals and unlock connections and networks that would be suited to your journey. These sessions are ideal for start-up companies or individual creatives working in Edinburgh.

To book a surgery, please email


Fringe Central — Edinburgh Festival Fringe Scotland
25th Aug

Looking for a monthly creative breakfast? Look no further, CreativeMornings is a free, monthly breakfast lecture that includes a 20-minute talk, coffee and breakfast. Each month focuses on a different theme, with August’s theme being genius. These monthly meetings give the participants time to network and meet other like-minded people within the creative community.

This month’s breakfast is also part of the Fringe Central Events Programme so we are sure it’s not one to be missed, you can get tickets here.


eCommerce-2 775x244

E-commerce and Emarketplaces: The Opportunity
Scottish Enterprise Edinburgh Office
21st Sept
9am – 1pm

Learn how to trade online and grow your domestic and international sales with this practical workshop where you will gain access to expert tips and advice on the world of e-commerce. You will also find out about the opportunities that international trade can bring to your company and learn how to test your products and services through these marketplaces.

If you’d like to develop a strategic approach to your e-commerce website and digital channels then this is the workshop for you. Register your interest here.


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For Those Who Wish To Build Their Brand Further Afield


Workplace Innovation and Scotland’s Digital Future
The Marcliffe Hotel and Spa — Scottish Enterprise
24th Aug
12pm – 4.30pm

With the digital age growing every day, this workshop will bring together business leaders, HR practitioners and expert researchers to share ideas on how to drive business performance through the digital and people-driven aspects of innovation. With three keynote speakers who will offer practical insights into maximising your employees’ innovative potential, this workshop aims to offer plenty of opportunities for networking and share advice.

With space for two people per company, you can register your interest here.



Create Compelling Content for Social Media
The Moorings Hotel — Scottish Enterprise
20th Sept
1pm – 4pm

Producing content but not getting the engagement you crave? This workshop will help you determine the sort of content you should be producing for your social media platforms and will demystify what ‘compelling content’ actually is. As well as helping you to create initial content and explaining how to use it to your business’ advantage, they will also show you where you can source engaging content from, online tools for creating compelling content and how to understand your analytics.

Register here and learn how to take your social media to the next level.


eCommerce-2 775x244

Online Marketplaces: Your Shop Window to the World
Business Gateway Dundee — Scottish Enterprise
27th Sept
9am – 1pm

Want to understand which online market would be the best for your business? This workshop aims to give you a clearer understanding of networking and marketing opportunities to engage with relevant e-marketplaces for your business. This workshop shows you the best places to engage with customers online which will help to increase your sales.

If this sounds like the workshop for you then you can find out more here.



Producing Engaging Online Content (Intermediate) — DigitalBoost
The Hub, Aberdeen — Business Gateway
20th Sept
1pm – 4pm

Producing content but not getting the engagement you crave? This workshop will help you determine the sort of content you should be producing for your social media platforms and will demystify what ‘compelling content’ actually is. As well as helping you to create initial content and explaining how to use it to your business’ advantage, they will also show you where you can source engaging content from, online tools for creating compelling content and how to understand your analytics.

Register here and learn how to take your social media to the next level.

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Brand Building: the loft’s Top Tips


Build an emotional connection with your customer

Show your brand’s personality, don’t become a faceless brand that your customers can’t connect with. This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to physically share a photograph of your face, adopting a personality that will captivate your audience online will work wonders for your brand. Personally though, we are big advocates of sharing the face(s) behind our brand as this helps your customer feel more comfortable as they can put a face to the name.


Know your brand’s purpose

This involves getting to the real depth of your business and working out what is most important to your company, your brand values and what you can offer that stands out from the market. What are you striving to achieve with your brand? What would be your pitch if stuck in an elevator with a stranger? Asking yourself these questions will help provide clarity in defining your brand’s purpose.


Build long-term relationships with your clients

Building these long-term relationships with your customer is key to your businesses long-term success. Growing these relationships not only builds trust but it will help to increase your businesses exposure. Approaching every situation with a “how can I help?” attitude works wonders and shows customers that you are willing to go the extra mile to help them.


Be your brand’s biggest ambassador

If you don’t believe in your brand then why should anyone else? You know your brand the best so it is up to you to share your brand’s vision, mission and values with your customers. Write a list of 5-10 things about your company that you are proud of, this will not only help you see how much you have achieved but will also provide anecdotes for your next brand building event.


Make sure your brand’s tone of voice is consistent

This not only reinforces your brand’s personality but helps build the customers trust and loyalty if they continually know what to expect from yourself, your products and services. Be authentic, find a tone of voice that fits your company organically and you won’t have to worry about being consistent as it will come naturally.



Brand Building: How To Make The Most Of The Events


Do your research

Before attending these events, get prepared. Do your research into the key speakers and attendees. If there are people you wish to make connections with at these events then doing some pre-event research is key. Looking at their online LinkedIn profiles for common interests and connections is a good place to start. See what they’ve been up to lately, this will provide conversation starters which will help to break the ice.


Set reasonable expectations

There is only so much you can take in at these events. Set specific goals that you want to achieve at that event and anything else is a bonus. Also, don’t spread yourself too thin, a few meaningful conversations are better and more memorable than quick conversations with lots of people.


Ask questions and soak up as much information as possible

You’re at these events to learn and gain vital information so remember to ask loads of questions and note down valuable information. Also asking questions allows you to build a rapport with other attendees that can lead to more key information that could help improve your business.


Help others connect

While creating connections for yourself is great, helping to connect others in your network that are better suited not only is a good deed but also helps to create more meaningful relationships.


Follow Up 

Following up with connections you made at these events can reaffirm that you are interested in working together etc. Doing this as soon as possible is key, wait too long and it can unintentionally convey disinterest. Even striking up a conversation with someone who was at the event on social media or thanking the people involved can lead to making unexpected connections.



Studio Space for Creative Freelancers

Creative Coworking Glasgow

Beautiful space, great people, affordable rates, situated in South Block, the heart of Glasgow’s design and arts community. Come join your new creative family by contacting or phoning 0141 354 1595 for more info…



‘Arcman, making metal work’

The loft has worked with Arcman over a number of years and have helped them with many different parts of their brand development. To showcase the human element of their service and the specialised expertise of their team – we were asked to create a suite of art-directed photographs of their workshop and the people who work there daily. A beautiful suite of evocative black and white images showing their team in action was created. The images have been used for a range of different communications – website, social media, brochures, they even adorn the company’s office walls.

What The Client Said…

“We’ve been working with the loft for over three years and in that time they have helped us to develop our values, brand our company and assisted with a series of different communications. It’s always a pleasure to work with them and see what magic they will create next. The team are inspiring with their creative talents and how they put it all together to make sense. The photography works, in particular, have been a great help as they look fantastic and we have used them for a wide variety of activities. Highly recommended.”

Jamie Doak, Managing Director of Arcman Limited

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‘Bridge2Business, celebrating the traits of an entrepreneur’

Shortly after developing the brand identity for Bridge2Business, we were asked to create a campaign which would help them to encourage young people into entrepreneurship whilst building on the original ‘celestial navigation’ theme of the brand. A campaign was created to celebrate each of the main traits of the entrepreneur – positivity, resilience, optimism, etc. We developed 7 in total. We brought each of these words to life in the night sky with a series of star constellations created from a completely custom-typeface. The campaign images were used throughout colleges, enterprise zones and also online.

What The Client Said…

“When we developed our ‘seven traits of entrepreneurs series’ we needed something that would help us tell our story, be easily recognisable as part of the Bridge2Business brand and in keeping with the overall feel of everything we had developed to date. The loft team were creative, communicative and passionate about our work – outcome a very happy client!”

Geoff Leask, CEO of Young Enterprise Scotland

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‘Glasgow Chambers of Commerce, city on the rise’

The Glasgow Chambers of Commerce asked us to create an infographic that would provide an ‘at-a-glance summary’ of how the Chamber had been serving the people of the city over the year of 2014 and to shout about its successes. The new infographic would form the centre-piece of the significant August edition for the ‘Glasgow Business’ magazine. An edition published during the heights of The Glasgow Commonwealth Games and The Scottish Referendum. We decided to create a visually striking piece of work that truly caught the eye of the reader, enticing people to read about the vast accomplishments of The Glasgow Chambers of Commerce and the city itself.
We created a graphic made up of skyscraper buildings, alongside a heading of ‘Glasgow on the Rise’ to portray the growth of Glasgow as a city and the Glasgow Chambers of Commerce itself. Key statistics such as 4,250 people attending Chambers events, a 30% increase in mid-size company memberships and a 15% increase in ‘Premium Partners’ were highlighted in the design of the infographic.

What The Client Said…

“It was a real pleasure to work with the team at the loft. They understood the brief instantly and we are able to execute the infographic perfectly. It’s resulted in a really impactful piece of creative which forms a centre fold to our bi-monthly magazine and has been very well received by our readership.”

Richard Muir, Deputy Chief Executive of The Glasgow Chambers of Commerce

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‘Scottish Leather Group, marking outstanding sustainability outcomes’

Scottish Leather Group Ltd is a UK based manufacturer of leather. They have made significant investments over many years to improve the sustainability of their plants. These measures allow them to have one of the lowest carbon footprints in the EU for the production of leather. The loft was asked to create the 2016 version of the Annual Sustainability Report with the organisation wanting to highlight some of the exceptional outcomes that they had achieved in recent years. As part of the brochure project, the team created a range of infographics that each told a great mini-story about the company and what they were doing- the next step was to animate each of these infographics for individual campaigns using social media. The infographics and the animated versions, in particular, have been a great success.

What The Client Said…
(This testimonial comes from the initial brochure part of the project)

“Production of our Annual Sustainability Report used to be one of the most stressful jobs in the marketing calendar due to its complexity and tight deadline. This year it was stress-free, thanks to everybody involved including the loft. It is a marked improvement on earlier versions and the introduction of infographics has transformed this publication.”

James Lang, Group Marketing Director – Scottish Leather Group Limited

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‘BenRiach 10Yr Single Malt Whisky, trailblazing a new direction’

Speyside whisky distiller BenRiach re-launched as an independent distiller in 2004 and were looking to establish a new creative direction for their ’10 Year Old Single Malt.’ A very important project and one they trusted the loft with. The design was to be bold, premium and should signal a change of direction in-line with the company’s 10th anniversary. The loft team explored a number of different design themes, directions and concepts looking to bring the distillery to life on the packaging. Concepts created included experimentations with the barrels, the floor malting, and views from both inside and outside the distillery. Development focussed on the distillery itself where we played with a range of compositions, angles, and illustration styles. The team explored a number of paper and print finishes, eventually settling on a textured gunmetal grey with gold foil finish for real ‘on-the-shelf’ impact. The new BenRiach 10-Year-Old, Single Malt Whisky is the first of a series of BenRiach whiskies featuring the revised design direction. The project also represented a unique moment in the loft’s history as the company’s first labelling project. We were delighted with the final results as were BenRiach.

What The Client Said…

“The BenRiach 10-Years-Old is a key launch for us, as it marks a significant milestone; it is the first core range expression to be created predominantly from whiskies distilled at BenRiach since we took over in 2004. For this reason, we were looking for a striking new packaging design to reflect this important moment in the distillery’s history. We are delighted with the final result.”

Nicol Van Rijbroek, Marketing Manager of BenRiach

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