Altia Solutions are a rapidly growing, software provider that help investigators and their departments save time, increase productivity and improve the accuracy of their investigations. They are based in the centre of Scotland yet serve customers nationally and internationally.

As part of a wider range of activities, they launched a new service as an extension to their ‘Financial Investigator’s Toolkit’ software package.This was initially titled ‘the bureau service.’ A process where Altia converts scanned bank statements and exports them into Excel without the customer having to purchase the software or carry out the training. It is the perfect solution for people looking for smaller, limited runs of data extraction.

As part of our long-term relationship with Altia, the loft was asked to create a new sub-brand for the ‘bureau service’ and design content for a new website. We were also asked to come up with a name for the new service.


We worked closely with everybody from Altia to create a new ‘sub-brand’ that would sit comfortably alongside Altia’s existing product suite, in particular, the Financial Investigators Toolkit. Many branding concepts were explored but we focussed on a solution where the Toolkit logo was given a motion blur to signify the movement and increased speed of the bureau service.

In addition to the main brand identity — we created a visual story that would simply and precisely indicate the nature of the service to potential customers. A simple, visually effective and user-friendly website was co-created with the technical team at Altia Solutions.

The new bureau service was eventually called ‘Xaltia Data Services, powered by Altia Solutions.’


The new brand and website have been incredibly well-received by everybody at Altia Solutions. ‘Xaltia Data Services’ has its first customers, and we continue to work with Altia on this and many other projects.

“Altia Solutions have been working closely with the loft for two years and throughout they have listened to us and understood what we were looking for and then delivered excellent concepts and ideas, any of which could be used. In that time they have delivered an updated brand for the company, new branding for new business streams and products, all the artwork for our brochures and marketing collateral and the branding and artwork for a major UK police conference that we sponsor. I am always confident that the loft team will come up with designs that are ready to use, often with tight deadlines.”

Ian Watson, Managing Director of Altia Solutions