The Serious and Organised Crime Exchange (SOCEX) is a forum which gives top law-enforcement officials the opportunity to discuss the main issues of the day – locally, nationally and internationally.

The loft had been delighted to create the original SOCEX brand and to have designed the brochure for the previous two conferences in 2015 and 2016.

For the design of the 2017 brochure, we were asked to boldly bring the themes of the conference to life – ‘Harm and Impact On Communities,’ whilst building on the visual identity created in previous publications.


To help communicate the main theme of the conference ‘Harm and Impact On Communities,’ we widely used a dark, hooded figure to symbolise the menace of crime in various areas. The hooded figure makes a range of appearances throughout the brochure and was incredibly helpful to the organisers as it avoided the risk of stereotyping race or gender with the marketing of the rest of the event.

The ‘network’ visual framework, used in previous editions, was carried through for the 2017 brochure and was complimented with vivid pictures for each of the page backdrops, further helping to bring the different themes of the conference to life.


“SOCEX, Serious and Organised Crime Exchange. As a concept, the Conference title can spring up many images — whether coming from the dark world of blockbuster thrillers or gritty police dramas on TV. The loft managed to capture the seriousness of the subject matter being discussed across the two day conference while providing a document which will have a life long after the conference itself, capturing the core elements of the event in such a way that attendees and their colleagues will return to it as a vivid reminder of what took place.”

Martin Jack, Managing Director of Think Different Events