The Serious and Organised Crime Exchange (SOCEX) was in its second year after its launch in 2015. As the creators of the original brand identity, the loft team were delighted to be given the opportunity to create the conference brochure for the second year running. After the success of the first year, the organisers of the conference requested a brochure which would reflect the greater steps made to professionalise the 2016 event.


The loft team built on the visual themes and successes of the 2015 brochure. For 2016, the colours were updated to a bold dark grey complemented with a vibrant magenta. The network theme of the brand was carried throughout the different pages of the brochure. Finally, a special UV spot-finish of the logo was created for the front of the brochure to give it a higher-quality finish and present the conference with greater professionalism and flair.


The brochure was widely praised by both the client and also the delegates of the conference. It was considered to be a large step forward from the design of the previous years’ brochure and the team were delighted to be given the opportunity to recently design the 2017 brochure.