Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) has become more prominent as part of an economic and social agenda for Scotland and despite the rising visibility of STEM, various demographics remain poorly represented.

The SMART STEMs initiative was formed to help address this imbalance, with an initial focus on inspiring young ladies — aged 12 to 18 years old — into STEM.

We were asked to provide branding and communication support for the landmark conference in June 2015. This included the design of the brand identity, website and all the event communications including the design of dossier documents for ‘A Wearable Technology’ competition.


We focussed on keywords – ‘female,’ ‘growth,’ ‘intelligence,’ ‘individuality’ and ‘empowerment’ for the project. Our research took us to the idea of ‘Athena’ — the Greek Goddess of intelligence.

We thought of Athena as the perfect symbol to convey female intelligence, empowerment and combined this with a visual theme of effervescence to neatly depict the concept of growth and aspiration.


The result is an exciting and visually recognisable brand identity. The character of Athena and the visual language developed helps to successfully convey the message of SMARTSTEMs.

“It was a pleasure working with the loft. Expertise, flair and professionalism in spades. We really appreciated their input on this project and they demonstrated a keen understanding of what we wanted and required.”

Colin Crook, Enterprise Architect at Seric Systems