Scottish Leather Group is a UK based manufacturer of high-quality leather. They have made significant investments over many years to improve the sustainability practices of their organisation. These measures allow them to have one of the lowest carbon footprints for leather production in the European Union. In 2016, the loft was asked to design and produce their Annual Sustainability Report with the company looking to highlight some of the exceptional outcomes they had achieved in recent years. A decision was made to use info-graphics which would be complemented by a new suite of photography for the report.


The loft team started with research of the data, stories and statistics that would be brought to life in the report and focussed on creating a balance between sharing good news without bombarding readers with too much unimportant information. Infographics and photographs were produced which would creatively bring the data to life. We worked closely with the entire team at Scottish Leather Group. This included interviewing various staff members to create ‘mini-spotlight’ info-graphics of their careers to give a more personal approach to the report.


The results of each of these processes were constructed in the final brochure.The use of Black and White photography with a green tint helped to create a report that was both innovative, yet in-line with the brand. The infographics have been used widely in other communications as well.

“Production of our Annual Sustainability Report used to be one of the most stressful jobs in the marketing calendar due to its complexity and a tight deadline. This year it was stress-free, thanks to everybody involved including the loft. It is a marked improvement on earlier versions and the introduction of infographics has transformed this publication.”

James Lang, Group Marketing Director of Scottish Leather Group Limited