Scottish Leather Group is a UK based manufacturer of high-quality leather. The group is formed of a number of companies including Bridge Of Weir and Muirhead Leather. They have made significant investments over many years to improve the sustainability of their plants and this allows them to have one of the lowest carbon footprints for leather production in the EU.

In 2016, the loft was asked to design and produce the ‘Scottish Leather Group Annual Sustainability Report.’ The organisation was looking to highlight the exceptional outcomes they had achieved over the past decade. The brochure was delivered and the project was deemed to be a huge success and the relationship has since grown with the loft now working with all of the SLG brands. This now includes the following of a ‘five-year-plan’ to oversee a more sustainable ‘Sustainability Report’ which shall include a transition towards digital, a smaller report and one which is printed in a more environmentally friendly way.

For each of the projects, the loft team has always started with research of the data, stories and statistics. Infographics and photographs have been produced each year which creatively communicates this information and we have always collaborated closely with the entire team at Scottish Leather Group. Highlights of the collaboration include interviews with various staff members, mini-spotlight info-graphics of their careers and a constant desire on everybody’s part to make the report as personable as possible. The final reports have been innovative yet in-line with the style of the brand while the photography and infographics from each project has been used by the organisation in other ways too. As you’ll see – The 2017 report saw the beginning of the transition to a more ‘Sustainable’ report by using a lighter print saving ink and it’s a smaller report too. The designs for 2016 and 2017 featured here will soon be joined by the 2018 report, which has recently been printed. We have very much enjoyed working with the entire SLG team and look forward to continuing our collaboration.

“Production of our Annual Sustainability Report used to be one of the most stressful jobs in the marketing calendar due to its complexity and a tight deadline. This year it was stress-free, thanks to everybody involved including the loft. It is a marked improvement on earlier versions and the introduction of infographics has transformed this publication.”

James Lang, Group Marketing Director of Scottish Leather Group Limited