Scottish Leather Group is one of Europe’s leading leather companies and the largest leather manufacturer in the UK. The Group comprises four leather manufacturing subsidiaries and a technology company, all located in the West of Scotland, and their specialist leathers are produced for a wide range of industries including automotive, aviation, bus and coach, rail, marine and contract furniture.

The philosophy of Scottish Leather Group is a desire to establish the highest industry standards for quality, innovation, value, service and care for the environment, and it is the last of these that was key to this brief. SLG focuses seriously on sustainability and produces an annual sustainability report, the first of which the loft produced in 2016 as part of a wider, five-year-plan to move from print to digital in the true spirit of sustainability.


Mary Quant famously said one should look in the mirror before leaving the house then take one thing off — that philosophy guided our minimalist approach to this sustainability brochure.

The 2017 brochure was designed with the progressive journey to digital in mind. The overall colour theme is white, which will use significantly less ink than the 2016 brochure which was a rich dark green, and will be smaller in size. Printed on uncoated paper, we selected a cleaner text that is still legible but easier on the eye to read and doesn’t affect the weight of the page, and the photographs have been muted by reducing the opacity, again using less ink. The whole look and feel is a lot lighter, with minimal infographics to communicate amazing stories and people development, yet still, keep it clean and informative.


The 2017 sustainability report builds successfully on the previous year while moving determinedly towards a digital future.

Scottish Leather Group said this year’s report was stress-free and transformational.

“Production of our Annual Sustainability Report used to be one of the most stressful jobs in the marketing calendar due to its complexity and a tight deadline. This year it was stress-free, thanks to everybody involved, including the loft. It is a marked improvement on earlier versions and the introduction of infographics has transformed this publication.”

James Lang, Group Marketing Director of Scottish Leather Group Limited