MCR Pathways are a forward-looking, inspiration-driven and rapidly growing charity that helps young people in challenging circumstances to develop pathways for a better future.They are looking to create a very positive impact for disadvantaged young people throughout Glasgow and the rest of Scotland. One of the key elements to their growth is attracting and building better relationships with their mentors and strong communication is seen as a critical factor to the growth of the organisation. As big believers in the positive work carried out by this charity, the loft were delighted to assist them with a series of quarterly campaigns.


For individual campaigns, we looked to take some of the significant stories from the charity and bring them to life in a way that a mentor would understand and really engage with. For the spring campaign, we built on the elegant illustration style of the brand and created a fictional journey through some mountain tops, taking a mentor through each of the significant news stories of the day. All information had to be presented appropriately, arranged in the correct order and easy to read for an occasionally time-poor mentor.

The final magazine was presented in a range of guises — as a downloadable PDF, as a MailChimp Newsletter while the individual assets were used for social media purposes. The readership of the article, the MailChimp ‘view’ rates and the general feedback of the newsletter have all been very positive.


Everybody was delighted with the final results:

“Having worked for many years helping develop brands both domestically and internationally, I have found that combining highly creative design with a fast and immediate client response is a significant challenge. The loft is exceptional in their patience and process to extract what the client wants, articulate the options effectively and then deliver the elements to meet tight timescales and budgets. They continually go the extra mile and add considerable energy, insight and value throughout.

I would highly recommend the team. They not only helped us with a design transition as we upgraded our brand but also added many other ideas and angles which enhanced our Newsletter and some key communications”

Iain MacRitchie, Founder, Mentor & CEO of MCR Pathways