The Leven Car Company is a prestigious, luxury car dealership which specialises in the sales and servicing of high-performance vehicles, to highlight the prestige of the marques they deal with — Aston Martin and Rolls Royce were the first two brands represented by The Leven Car Company.

We were asked by Hugh and Chris McMahon to create a brand that would represent their commitment to ‘exceptional customer-service’ and one which would comfortably sit alongside two of the finest automotive brands in the world.


We spent time with many of the company employees including the directors and sales/technical staff of both the Rolls Royce and Aston Martin franchises. We wanted to build on the personal stories and business ethics of Hugh and Chris McMahon; who previously ran the Audi Lomond Group for 14 years.

The initial themes that we explored included — ‘longevity,’ ‘people,’ ‘continuity.’ We co-created a brand story based on an ‘experience of customer service that lives long in the memory, one with no limits.’ The design had several key features — people are at the heart of their business which is why the logo mark has the depiction of eight human faces. The range of faces shows a company that is happy to mould itself around the different requirements of its clients. They represent the importance of a reputation for the company and finally, all the faces link together as a loop of infinity to represent the limitless nature of their commitment to clients.


An eye-catching brand was created, and one that everybody involved is incredibly proud. One of the highlights of the project was the distribution of the stunningly beautiful Duplex, Colorplan letter-pressed business cards with silver foiling.

“The loft created a brand identity for The Leven Car Company — one with which we are incredibly proud. The company gave a very personal service, took the time to understand the business, consulted the entire team and they provided us with a top quality design culminating in a brand that sits alongside two of the world’s finest — Aston Martin and Rolls Royce — without looking out of place”

Chris McMahon, Managing Director of The Leven Car Company