Jim Henderson, whilst acting as a business coach for renowned coaching consultancy ‘ShirlawsUK’ was looking for something to help him build his digital presence.

Although a proud member of the Shirlaws family, Jim was looking for something more personal and asked for a new blog and art-directed photography that would help to tell a story about himself and the work he did with Shirlaws.


One of the most interesting aspects of working with Jim is his ability to sketch out diagrams and pictures right in front of you. It is a truly impressive feat (one that as creatives, we particularly enjoy.) We wanted to show this in Jim’s pictures.

We set-up a photo-shoot that helped to get this unique aspect of his work across. We then created an updated and responsive blog that would load news items on-demand as well as encourage ‘social-sharing.’


“When I engaged the loft to work on creating the JimatShirlaws.com blog, I wanted something that looked and felt different whilst embodying the Shirlaws brand ethos. The result was fantastic, I was absolutely delighted and would not hesitate in recommending the lofts work – professional, creative, and with soul.”

Jim Henderson, Partner, Shirlaws