We were asked by new fashion brand ‘FreakDem’ to design and build an e-commerce store to generate revenue and more importantly to build the profile of their new brand. The company was looking to have their products sold in a range of high-end fashion boutiques.

‘FreakDem’ also had a number of partnerships with many great up and coming fashion designers whose products they would also sell on their e-commerce platform.


We worked closely with ‘FreakDem’ to create a dual solution. One website for brand awareness to get across the more virtuous messages of the brand and we also built an e-commerce solution with our digital partners on a Magento platform. Each time, great care was taken to ensure that the aesthetics were of the absolute highest degree.


The results are there for all to see. ‘FreakDem’ has one of the coolest websites in the market by a long way. We’ve found that the term ‘sick’ is a good thing and their products are now being stocked in a number of prestigious retailers nationwide.

“The loft have been an imperative part of The FreakDem Movement. The loft took the time and effort to combine my ideas and values to create an epic logo and symbol for what FreakDem stands for, I receive compliments regularly for the FreakDem website and branding. For excellent design and service, I wholeheartedly recommend the loft.”

Raschique Narwan, CEO of The FreakDem Movement