Enterprise Campus is a new university programme designed to support postgraduate students in commercialising specialised IP which they can develop after their University journeys. The first step into entrepreneurship can be daunting with many new challenges to the student — finance, marketing, operations, human resources, etc, etc. Enterprise Campus would provide direction for those ambitious students looking to build the next generation of ‘high-growth businesses.’ The loft was tasked with the creation of a versatile brand identity — one that could be used nationally and then extended regionally for the North, East and West of Scotland.


We worked closely with different people from the Enterprise Campus Team looking to demonstrate the service they provide for student’s and their business ideas. We wanted to get the message across that Enterprise Campus ‘joins the dots’ for budding entrepreneurs and created a logo, which comprises three individual ‘hub’ networks for the individual regions which then come together as one logo for the national brand.


The result is a brand identity which reflects a very modern, up-to-date, forward-looking programme.

“Working with the loft was an easy, creative and rewarding experience. This is a key project for us and it was important that the brand represents our values and send a strong message. The whole team were hands-on and enthusiastically took our ideas to the next level. They really took the time to understand our vision and ensure we got what our brand needed. A BIG THANK YOU!”

Sarah Scace, Marketing and Communications Manager for Enterprise Campus