Enable Scotland is a dynamic charity, run by its members, to support children and young people with learning difficulties. But they are also passionate campaigners who fight discrimination and inequality and ensure that people who have learning disabilities are regarded as equal members of society.

As part of this valuable and impactful campaigning work, Enable Scotland was lobbying the Scottish Government to do more to support children with learning difficulties, and they needed a hard-hitting report that would highlight the issues with facts and graphics that would demand attention, touch hearts and deliver a strong call to action.

Oh, and they needed it in a matter of days.


The loft team hit the ground running, this project had to be delivered at breakneck speed to meet the tightest of tight deadlines and ensure Enable could present their report to Parliament. We took the information they provided and created original designs and infographic work to illustrate key outcomes, all in Enable’s brand colours. The story is beautifully expressed, some of the facts are heartbreaking but the hard-hitting figures are really effective.

The loft team created mini assets out of the infographics, which were designed to be used across Enable’ social media channels during the week of the launch. These clever little infographics developed a life of their own and enhanced the editorial piece, making it both enticing to read and truly memorable.


A caffeine-fuelled loft team moved heaven and earth to bring this report to life against immense time constraints — we must shout out to Reiss in particular, without whom it simply wouldn’t have happened. The information was widely welcomed and the report well received. The infographics made a significant impact.

“The loft was instrumental in developing two high profile documents for Enable Scotland that prominently featured infographics, one of their creative strong points. A thoughtful, creative and to-the-point team.”

Willie Cairns is Communications Co-Ordinator for Enable Scotland