The Craft Whisky Club is an online gem, a subscription service for whisky lovers across the globe. The Edinburgh-based Club sources and delivers very rare whiskies to lucky members, but was inspired to sell the idea of a much richer whisky tasting experience, matching food and snacks to their rare whiskies. They wanted a campaign to promote ‘RnB While We Wait’ and the loft, with our strong experience in working with whisky brands, was the perfect choice.


This campaign was about more than just whisky, we needed to sell an entire tasting experience, so where better to start than by looking at the tasting notes, and then tasting ourselves. Delicious. We managed to leave enough to create the stunning image you see here.

We decided to create an art-directed set piece image with each of the tasting ingredients of the whisky — peppers, liquorice, dried fruit, creamy blue cheese, cherries, brambles, grain and salt — and started to build a clock, reflecting the sundial on the label of the whisky. The loft team is nothing if not meticulous with our attention to detail, so out came the rulers and we got to work. The piece de resistance is the lighting, which shines through the glass and creates a shadow, just like a sundial. A true representation of the whisky expression ‘While We Wait.’


Collaboration with our clients is core to successful solutions, and we loved working alongside David Nicol, founder of The Craft Whisky Club, to create what we all think is exceptionally strong imagery.

“The process we went through to derive the While We Wait concept art was very enjoyable indeed. The invite to attend at the inception and final stages made me really feel a part of the process and collaborating with the loft team on the details of materials, shadow and final photography made me really feel my needs were catered for. Every time I look at the results I feel a real attachment and pride.”

David Nicol, Founder of The Craft Whisky Club