Bridge to Business, headed up(at the time of writing) by our long time client and good friend Geoff Leask, is a programme run by Young Enterprise Scotland that offers college students first-hand opportunities to engage with and learn from some of the countries most successful entrepreneurs.

We had worked with Geoff previously, creating the Bridge2Business brand, inspired by Celestial Navigation, but this new campaign — The Seven Traits of Entrepreneurs series — was all about celebrating the virtues of entrepreneurship and appealing to college students to consider starting their own businesses.


Building on the existing celestial navigation theme we created seven different poster campaigns, each highlighting a specific trait displayed by successful entrepreneurs — tenacity, positivity, self-belief, vision, passion, maverick, flexibility.

We brought each word uniquely to life by spelling it out in stars, stars created by us from a delightful bespoke typeface, an entire character set, to differentiate each individual image. Each of these images then became an eye-catching poster making up the Seven Traits of Entrepreneurs series.


The bespoke typeface is perfect for future campaigns, and the stunning posters drew attention across the country but it was digital where the campaign had the best effect, taking on a life of its own. Young Enterprise Scotland were thrilled.

“When we developed our ‘seven traits of entrepreneurs series’ we needed something that would help us tell our story, be easily recognisable as part of the Bridge2Business brand and in keeping with the overall feel of everything we had developed to date. The loft team was creative, communicative and passionate about our work — outcome a very happy client!”

Geoff Leask, CEO of Young Enterprise Scotland