packaging / GRAPHIC DESIGN

BenRiach became an independent distiller in 2004, so their 10th anniversary was not only special, but it heralded a change in direction. They produced a premium range of exceptionally rare Single Cask expressions and wanted a stylish packaging solution that was still BenRiach but very clearly highlighted the exclusivity of these bottles.



The real design element focused on the heritage; we were inspired by the original sample bottles used by BenRiach, which look like beautiful old-fashioned medicine bottles with handwritten notes in the grid — we felt this was perfect for the Single Cask expressions. We wanted to carry out that evocative feel and framework through the entire range to convey the value of the whisky. It is the communication of all of the different elements — Cask No, Date of Distillation, Age, Date of Bottling, Cask Type, and Bottle No, that gives the design such a special bespoke feel.


One of the things that set the loft apart is the innovation in the creation of this packaging. We created three-dimensional paper mock-ups, which is a great way to evaluate the finished design more quickly and without having to go through the manufacturing process. It also means we can hit tighter deadlines much more easily. Innovations in the process make a big difference for us and this was a big step forward, one that was greatly appreciated by the BenRiach team.

“BenRiach was looking for something that was bold, imaginative and would take the brand and the range to the next level. We are delighted with the final outcome as well as the service provided by the loft.”

Louise Seaward, Global Innovation Manager, Brown Forman