packaging / GRAPHIC DESIGN

The loft team always enjoys working with BenRiach, a distillery set in the heart of beautiful Speyside, that has been producing premium quality single malt Scotch whisky since 1898. BenRiach asked us to create a design for a new whisky expression, building on work we had done for previous expressions, but with a specific instruction to be bold and experimental in our interpretation.

The new Quarter Cask was casked in — as the name would suggest — quarter casks, which means the whisky blends more quickly and creates a richer taste.

BenRiach wanted to see elegant designs for both peated and unpeated versions. In addition to this project, we were asked to design a series of numbers to show the age of each of the new products, a series that would span the entire range.


Well, the loft can do bold and experimental, and do it exceptionally well. We explored designs around fractions to represent the Quarter Cask size, the peating process, and the stunning Speyside location of the BenRiach Distillery.

The cleverly crafted label depicts the quarter cask interwoven with a full sized cask with a detailed 1 / 4 fraction. We designed a peated mark, a character that showcases the various peating expressions, and we’re beyond thrilled they liked this mark so much that it is now used on a number of BenRiach’s peated whisky expressions.

We also created a stunning Heart of Speyside design using the topology of the area, with the lines gently brushed to be softer and smoother. The series of numbers depicting the ageing process was inspired by the different ingredients that make up the process, such as barley, the stills, barrels, even hands, creating a different and elegant image for each.

The final touch was the choice of colour scheme; the rich green came from Burnside Springs, a bold colour to signify BenRiach’s move away from more traditional expressions.


A bold, contemporary look and feel for what had previously been a gentle, traditional design. BenRiach loved our approach and interpretation so much that in addition to insisting that the peated mark is used on a number of their peated whiskies, they have also used the delightful numbers in subsequent designs.

“The organisation was looking for something that was bold, imaginative and would take the brand and the range to the next level. We are delighted with the final outcome as well as the service provided by the loft.”

Louise Seaward, Global Innovation Manager for Brown Forman