packaging / GRAPHIC DESIGN

Emboldened by the imaginative design the loft created for their Quarter Cask range, BenRiach was inspired to move even further away from the existing expressions of the range. They asked us for an innovative and exciting creation for the latest expression, Cask Strength, a whisky bottled at 57.2% almost straight from the cask, which delivers a much stronger taste.


We were also emboldened and inspired by BenRiach’s desire for more excitement, so we designed an exploding cask, quite literally blown apart by the strength of the whisky. The exploding cask and the dramatised perspective of it bring the image to life and delivers real impact.

The rich bronze foiling on the design was also completely different and impactful, it was bold and new for BenRiach. We made smart use of innovative colours matching the bronze foiling with speckled paper, to create a more tactile look and feel.


BenRiach’s bold approach meant we delivered big steps forward in the way they present their expressions. We loved the final product and so did they.

“What a wonderful result. For the BenRiach Cask Strength, it was really important for us that the design would be bold and imaginative. We were looking for a striking, memorable design that would take the brand, the range to the next level and we got it. We are delighted with the final outcome as well as the services provided by the loft.”

Louise Seaward, Global Innovation Manager for Brown Forman