Aqualisa is one of the world’s leading, premium shower manufacturers. Their focus on customers and the showering experience is second to none. They have an innovation centre dedicated to creating a better showering experience, this even includes how to get the best spray for an optimal shower. Such is their passion for what they do.

As creatives we take our hats off to the Aqualisa design team — their showers are simply stunning with gorgeous lines, a real attention to detail in design and they work beautifully. With innovations like taps that don’t heat up so you can’t burn yourself, what’s not to love?

We’re not the only ones who think so. Customers just love Aqualisa showers, however, the management team was looking to grow their B2B sales, selling directly to homebuilders and they needed a brochure that would really capture the imagination.


With so many beautiful products images to choose from we paired them carefully with evocative images of sketches and graphics while explaining to home builders the real value in buying Aqualisa showers — the fact that all products have been designed for easy assembly and offer superior environmental performance.

The brochure we created ties together all aspects of the company, with stylised images of how showers are actually designed, it gives their heritage and delivers credibility of experience through their depth of understanding what matters most to customers in a shower.

We used simple but effective images of an installation demonstrating a fuss free fit, mixing with some of the sexier images showing off Aqualisa design for maximum effect.


The completed brochure was a huge success, it captures beautifully all of the key messages Aqualisa wanted to share with home builders.

“Aqualisa has been working with the loft for more than a year now on a huge range of projects — everything from packaging concepts to brochure designs, sales-decks, photography and other marketing communications. The team provides creative solutions, sometimes to extremely tight deadlines, which has helped our company to drive forward with its own commercial objectives, essentially they are an extended part of our team. Highly recommended.”

Simon Cornelius, Senior Product Manager of Aqualisa