Premium shower manufacturer Aqualisa was an existing client when they approached us with news they were launching a new range of entry level models, the AQ series.

Like their other products, it was truly innovative, with easy installation, new features, easy cleaning and high-quality metals associated with the premium brand. They wanted us to create high-quality product photography for the packaging.

Oh and we had a matter of weeks to get it all done.


Having previously worked with Aqualisa, we knew just how high their standards were and we were completely prepared, however, the tight deadline was going to be a challenge. Fortunately, we love challenges and we got really innovative with sourcing a photographer. We commissioned Andrew Neilson, a jewellery photographer, to create what turned out to be a sensational suite of images. He stretched the bounds of what was possible in a small space designed to photograph items of jewellery, and the beautiful lighting produced a stunning finished product.

We used these photographs for the majority of the packaging, keeping it very clean, minimal and white, with just a splash of primary colour to differentiate this series from the flagship products. To accelerate the process, we made widespread use of paper mock-ups to assess key design decisions.


Working alongside the Aqualisa team again, but on a different project, brought out the best in all of us, and we were really excited to hear they thought our photography was so good that it became the standard bearer for Aqualisa in their brand guidelines and we continue to work with them on many other design projects.

“The loft provides creative solutions, sometimes to extremely tight deadlines, which has helped our company to drive forward with its own commercial objectives. Essentially, an extended part of our team. Highly recommended.”

Simon Cornelius, Senior Product Manager of Aqualisa