Altia Solutions are a rapidly growing, software provider that help investigators and their departments save time, increase productivity and improve the accuracy of their investigations. They are based in the centre of Scotland yet serve customers nationally and internationally.

The company approached the loft to create a new brand that would reflect the change in company management, adopt the visual language of the new product lines whilst continue with the success and familiarity of their current brand — ‘the Altia wee man.’

The company also wanted the loft to explore a ‘stronger message’ for future communications.


The loft worked incredibly closely with the entire company — every single member of staff was interviewed as part of the branding process. The management of Altia Solutions were adamant that any new brand created should carry every single member of the team with it. The first part of the process was to create a company message.

After spending invaluable time with the staff it became apparent that although the company provided software solutions, although ‘assisting investigators’ was very important as a message, the company did and were more than that. They provide an incredibly ‘customer-focused’ and ‘human experience’ for a technology company that helps its customers deal with massive amounts of data.

The company tag-line ‘Humanising Data’ was created as not only a message but an entire theme for the new brand. The next stages were to look at ways of incorporating this new message into the current logo. The Altia ‘Wee-Man’ was given a ‘half-data | half-human’ personality to symbolise the chaos and unpredictability of data. We also customised the typeface and softened the overall appearance.


The updated brand perfectly allows Altia to communicate a strengthened message whilst maintaining continuity with the success of their current brand.

“The loft worked closely with the whole staff and developed a company rebranding that encapsulates the very being of the company. It was refreshing to be able to interact with all of the designers and have our ideas and thoughts taken seriously. A great experience!”

Ian Watson, Managing Director, Altia Solutions