Altia Solutions are a rapidly growing, software provider that help investigators save time, increase productivity and improve the accuracy of their investigations. They are based in the centre of Scotland yet serve customers nationally and internationally.

As part of a wider range of activities, we collaborated with their sales teams to create a campaign communicating the benefits of their software to existing customers in an interesting way.


We worked closely with the staff of Altia Solutions to generate key ‘metrics’ for each of their software packages.

We found that Toolkit can save an investigator’s time in scanning a set number of bank statements, from over 4 hours to under 20 minutes.

Toolbar allows an investigator to identify and report intricate account transactions in a more efficient way, from over 8 hours to under 30 minutes.

Insight provides a single, robust and ‘easy-to-link’ location for multiple forms of police data.

The 3-part campaign was launched around Christmas communicating the benefits for each product with the following tagline.

‘There is no time like the present; there is no present like time.’

A line that came from the company MD, Ian Watson.


“We’ve been collaborating with the loft for many years and in that time I’ve been mightily impressed with their enthusiasm and desire to understand our business. Their willingness to challenge themselves and push the boundaries shines through in their physical work. They always surprise and delight me while consistently supporting my team’s activities to drive sales. Working from the ground up and engaging everyone at Altia, the entire team at the loft have built a strong understanding of our business which they apply to new projects, subsequently presenting the end product remarkably quickly and accurately. Long may our collaboration continue.”

Paul Miller, Sales Manager for Altia Solutions